General Corporate – Small Corporations

Business owners face vastly different legal needs than individuals face. In some cases, a small corporation may need an attorney to assist with drawing up buy/sell agreements to protect the business in the event of death, disability or divorce of an owner or they may need to change their corporate structure to accommodate growth.

Hiring a Corporate Law Attorney

One of the challenges often faced by small corporations is where to turn when they need an attorney. While many big businesses keep a legal team on staff, a small corporation often does not have these resources. This means they need an attorney who understands corporate law available when they need help with:

  • Breach of contract issues – when someone fails to perform under a contract, a small business can be damaged financially and their reputation can suffer as well.
  • Employment contracts – small corporations who work with contractors or who need to fill higher level management positions will need a well thought out employment contract to protect their business.
  • Non-disclosure agreements – agreements must be drawn up when discussing sensitive business matters with potential contractors, funding agencies or with other businesses. At the Law Office of Omar D. Lopera, we understand the unique challenges facing business owners.

Small Corporations and Litigation

While all businesses can suffer when they are sued, it is even more important for a small corporation to have competent legal assistance in the event they are facing any type of litigation. A lawsuit can irreparably damage the reputation of a business if the issue is not handled immediately and in a professional manner. We understand any litigation can be time consuming and costly and we will work hard to ensure these issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We know the longer litigation drags on the less likely you are to reach an acceptable solution and your reputation could be damaged in the process.

Small corporations may need help with financing issues, taxation issues and employment issues. We can help you with drawing up contracts between yourself and contractors or employees or help review lease agreements, contracts with vendors and more. There are a range of small business issues which can require corporate law assistance and if you are a small corporation in the Florida area, you can count on the Law Office of Omar D. Lopera for all your legal needs.

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