Criminal Defense

Since white collar crimes are generally non-violent ones, most folks are under the misconception that the legal consequences are less stringent that violent crimes. The truth is that white collar crimes are serious, and prosecutors seek substantial prison time for offenders. And the days of probation instead of jail are long gone, especially in federal court. Significant sentences are rendered in many federal white collar crimes. Remember Bernie Madoff? He was sentenced 150 years in prison.

How Federal White Crime Cases Work: Attorney Omar D. Lopera

Federal crimes include embezzlement, health fraud, immigration fraud, Internet crimes, drug crimes, securities crimes and more. Federal criminal cases are different than state criminal cases. Federal prosecutors are called Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA), and they have fewer cases than state prosecutors. This means they have more time to develop a strong case against you. And by the time you find out that you’ve been charged with a federal white collar crime, it’s likely that the AUSA has been investigating you for months. Federal crimes are also heard by federal judges. Federal cases in federal court are almost never dismissed because the prosecution isn’t ready. AUSA have an abundance of resources and always ensure that their witnesses are ready and present.

The Danger of Talking to Federal Investigators without Representation

Often, federal investigators will arrive at your door asking questions before seeking a subpoena. Don’t be fooled. These skilled federal law enforcement officers are there to gather evidence about you and are knowledgeable on how to elicit damaging statements from subjects. You could easily make factual mistakes that can be misinterpreted as intentional falsehoods under federal law. The safest course of action to take is to tell the federal agents that you won’t answer any questions without consulting with an attorney. Turn for help from an experienced federal white collar crime defense attorney like Omar D. Lopera. He has protected the rights and interest of clients accused of federal white collar crimes, including fraud allegations, SEC investigations, federal agency probes, pre-trial hearings, trial and federal appeals. Attorney Omar D. Lopera will advise you of your potential criminal exposure and develop a strong criminal defense strategy to conquer the firepower of the feds. He’s experienced with the federal criminal justice process and can also help you navigate its complex procedures.