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Criminal Defense

Since white collar crimes are generally non-violent ones, most folks are under the misconception that the legal consequences are less stringent that violent crimes. The truth is that white collar crimes are serious, and prosecutors seek substantial prison time for offenders. And the days of probation instead of jail are long gone, especially in federal court. Significant sentences are rendered in many federal white collar crimes. Remember Bernie Madoff? He was sentenced 150 years in prison.

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General Corporate – Small Corporations

Business owners face vastly different legal needs than individuals face. In some cases, a small corporation may need an attorney to assist with drawing up buy/sell agreements to protect the business in the event of death, disability or divorce of an owner or they may need to change their corporate structure to accommodate growth.

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From prenuptial agreements to divorce proceedings, a variety of matrimonial matters are handled at the Law Offices of Omar D. Lopera. A trusted lawyer with a wealth of knowledge regarding marriage, separation and divorce in the states of New York and Florida, Omar Lopera offers a unique combination of compassion and proactive legal representation.

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Whistle Blowing Litigation

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