Omar D. Lopera

Attorney Omar D. Lopera earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at New York University and his Master of Science degree at City University of New York Brooklyn College. Following his passion for the law, he attained his Juris Doctor at the University Of Illinois College Of Law in 1981. For over three decades, he has focused his NY practice on criminal law, white collar crime, corporate law and real estate law.

Client-Centric, Aggressive and Effective

When you step into attorney Omar D. Lopera’s office, expect to meet a professional with a human approach. He takes the time to listen to your individual circumstances and delivers effective, practical legal solutions. No question is too small, and no question is too big. He’s always happy to educate clients. Whether you’re facing a real estate transaction or criminal charge, he works closely with clients through the whole legal process. This way, you’re always in the loop and can avoid unexpected surprises.

Focused on Client’s Best Interests

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or residential real estate, there’s a lot of monies on the table. From drafting and reviewing real estate legal documents to taking care of title issues and being with you at the closing table, attorney Omar D. Lopera is there to help protect his clients’ best interests and to avoid the common real estate transaction pitfalls. For example, attorney Omar D. Lopera will write up a contingency in real estate contracts to meet the needs of his clients and to protect their wallet.

If you’re accused of a state or federal crime, attorney Omar D. Lopera is aggressive and will deliver a strong criminal defense strategy. Some of his successes include dismissal of charges, reduced charges, and parole instead of prison and reduced sentencing.

Corporate Law

As an experienced corporate lawyer, attorney Omar D. Lopera helps businesses in contract negotiations, code compliance, securities and tax law, financial reporting, bankruptcy, mergers, liability and more. He’s there to ensure that business risks are minimized and business functions conform with the law on every level.

Whether you’re facing a real estate transaction, criminal offense allegation or need help with corporate business, turn for the best legal advice and representation from attorney Omar D. Lopera. Let his more than three decades of legal success work for you.