Omar D. Lopera. Boca Raton, Florida Attorney

The Law Office of Omar D. Lopera is a respected New York law firm that provides targeted legal counsel and aggressive representation for a variety of civil and criminal matters. Omar Lopera has successfully resolved an array of complex cases in New York and Florida — and he is eager to serve as a loyal advocate as you navigate civil or criminal court.

Practice Areas at the Law Office of Omar D. Lopera

A solid educational background and a history of courtroom success are two of the biggest factors clients take into consideration when determining which lawyer is the best fit for a given case. Omar D. Lopera boasts both of these qualities, as well as a thorough understanding of several practice areas. A notoriously versatile lawyer, he is happy to assist his valued clients with a wide array of civil and criminal matters. As a criminal lawyer, he primarily works with those in the midst of complex white collar cases, especially those tried at the federal level. The civil side of his law firm handles corporate cases. Omar Lopera also serves as a matrimonial lawyer, assisting clients with all legal aspects of marriage, separation, and divorce. His matrimonial services include completion of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, separation agreements, custody negotiations, alimony, and child support. If necessary, he is willing to guide clients through the complexities of divorce court. Regardless of his clients’ preferred approach to divorce or separation proceedings, he always offers the aggressive representation needed to obtain a favorable outcome.

Omar D. Lopera: Trustworthy Legal Counsel of Civil and Criminal Matters

Omar D. Lopera is a trusted civil and criminal attorney with an excellent reputation throughout New York City. In addition to serving clients based in New York, he also works with several Florida residents. Regardless of which state his clients call home, Omar Lopera always strives to provide the best case resolutions possible. He accomplishes this through thorough investigation and proactive representation both in and out of the courtroom. Whether you require legal counsel for a civil or criminal matter, you can count on the Law Office of Omar D. Lopera for high-quality representation.

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